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Edible dayliles


Our recommendation - not only for vegetarians:

Some people may be allergic to daylilies, especially when eating them raw. First, remove the pollen sticks from the daylily flower. Most daylilies are edible without complications. Digestive problems can occur if it outweighs the amount. Therefore, start with small doses first, find out how your body will react to consuming daylilies.

Some notes about edible daylilies

  • Daylily tubers: preferably in early April or late September, cook for about 15 minutes
  • Spring daylily leaves: do not confuse daylilies with iris leaves - they are poisonous
  • Daylily buds: immerse daylily buds in water, dry, fry. Can be wrapped according to your own invention. It is suitable to serve daylilies in those recipes where peas are served.
  • Daylily flowers: can be raw or fried. Yellow daylilies are the sweetest but otherwise have a varied taste. Stuffing can be added, fried daylily flowers are a delicious appetizer.
  • Blooming daylily flowers: so-called golden noodles (Chinese specialty) dried in soups, can be stored.

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