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Daylily fertilization

Daylilies grow best in sunny, drained places with acidic soil, but are able to adapt to other conditions. Daylily definitely likes fertilization, as it will support the formation of flowers. If your daylilies grow in soil rich in organic nutrients, they will not need any special fertilizer. In the normal garden soil, you can apply a common complex fertilizer in the spring, ideally containing 5% nitrogen, 10% phosphorus pentoxide, and 5% potassium oxide. If the soil is poor in nutrients, feed daylilies a second time in late summer or autumn. Place the granules around the daylily, but avoid sprinkling the leaves, as wet fertilizer can burn them. If you want to start fertilizing but don't like the idea of ​​commercial fertilizer, there are other ways to get nutrients into the daylilies. Organic compost or composted manure is ideal if you incorporate it into the soil before planting daylilies.

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